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340 ADA

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what we do

We Mint Blocks for the Cardano Blockchain.

We operate a cluster of servers across the globe that comprise our stake pool. Stake pools are participants of the Cardano blockchain network that produce new blocks that get added into the chain. Our pool is:

  • A highly-reliable server cluster
  • Proven to mint blocks
  • Run by experienced IT pros
  • Earning rewards for delegators
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how does staking Work?

how it's

Get ADA coins

You can buy from crypto exchanges or swap services.

how it's


Transfer your ADA from the exchange and into your wallet.

how it's


Delegate to our stake pool and start earning ADA rewards!


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Annualized Return

Why our stake pool setup is highly reliable

Our choice of server configuration and components has been very carefully considered. It's an application of more than a decade of experience in mission-critical server administration for commercial use.

Gigabit Connections 95%
Geographically Distributed 90%
Commercial Security Standard 100%
Optimum Hardware Specs 95%


Our Pool Operations

Delegator Support

Drop by anytime at our group chat in Telegram, just ask and we'll be there to help.

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Node Updating

We keep our node software updated as new releases come out so we keep minting blocks!

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Server Monitoring

Metrics from our servers are continuously collected and fed to our Grafana dashboard.

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Project Involvement

You'll see us actively participating in the Cardano community discussions and activities.

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Content Creation

Aside from chat support, we also produce useful videos and articles for our delegators.

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Software Dev

We have ongoing app projects that will help make it easier for users to adopt Cardano.

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frequently asked questions

What is staking about?

Staking is really just holding your ADA coins and registering them in the network as being "staked". You do this by delegating your stake to a stake pool like ours. This helps in securing the network from attacks. In return, the network protocol pays out rewards to those who staked their ADA coins. For a more detailed discussion, visit this article.

How much will I earn from staking?

This is relative to how much you stake. The annual projected returns provided by IO Global (the developers of Cardano) is somewhere between 5% to 10%. You can also get an estimate yourself by using the calculator provided by Cardano here.

When will I receive my staking rewards?

After you have finished delegating your stake, it will become "live" right away but not yet "active". It will become active after the current and the next epochs have ended. An epoch is a period of 5 days in the Cardano network.

When your stake is active, you will be entitled to rewards for blocks produced by the stake pool. Supposing the pool minted blocks in that first epoch when your stake became active, you will receive your rewards for that epoch after 1 more epoch has passed.

For example, if you delegated in epoch 220, your stake becomes active in epoch 222. Supposing the pool minted blocks in epoch 222, you will receive your first rewards in epoch 224. For blocks produced in epoch 223, you will receive rewards in epoch 225 and so on, every 5 days.

Are my rewards automatically staked also?

Yes. The rewards you earn accrue with your original staked amount. When rewards are received, the balance of your rewards account increases; and consequently, your delegated stake also increases. It compounds automatically every epoch (5 days)!

How do I get ADA coins to stake?

If you don't have any other crypto coins yet — like BTC or USDT — you can buy some at crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. You'll need them to buy ADA.

When you already have USDT or BTC, you can use that to buy ADA at those same exchanges also. From there, you can then withdraw your ADA into your own wallet. Make sure you use one of the supported wallets with staking functionality already available. We recommend Daedalus or Yoroi.

If you already have USDT or BTC in your existing crypto wallet, check if you can exchange them to ADA directly from your wallet. Some crypto wallet apps provide this functionality, like the Crypto.com wallet and the Atomic wallet.

Do you have video guides on staking?

Yes, we do. When you already got your ADA coins, you have to transfer them to one of the supported wallets with staking functionality already enabled. We recommend Daedalus or Yoroi.

You can then follow our videos where we demonstrate the entire process of doing the delegation.


word about us

What our delegators said

Reynaldo A.


"Very responsive to messages and very helpful to crypto newbies like me."

Rogelio B.


"Very reasonable operator fees and support is present!"

Shane C.


"It's a lot of fun here! The pool is very active and there are games and prizes from time to time! Not to mention the monthly raffle draws."

Gerald L.


"This stake pool has produced more blocks than the other pool I used to also delegate to. I've now focused my stake here at PHRCK."

Nancy F.


"Learned a lot from the pool operator.. Very helpful to newcomers in crypto."


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