Here at Staking Rocks! [PHRCK], we like to give additional rewards to our delegators who help us keep our stake pool running and contribute to the decentralization of the Cardano blockchain.

Every 6 epochs (about 1 month), we will be drawing at least 1 lucky winner from our qualified delegators. We will start counting from epoch 227 (Nov 2 to 7, 2020).

The Prizes

When we reach at least ₳20 million in active stake, 50% of the pool’s margins will be allocated as the prize pot for our raffle draws.

But before we reach that point, there will be a minimum of ₳100 allocated as the prize for these monthly raffle draws.

There will be 1 lucky winner each month until our monthly prize pot exceeds ₳1,000. At such point, we will draw a 2nd lucky winner for the month to receive the excess of the first ₳1,000. And then we will add 1 more raffle winner to be drawn for each ₳1,000 in our prize pot as it grows in amount.

This way, there will be more and more raffle winners as our pool grows!


  1. To join the draw, you only need to be a delegator to our stake pool. If you’ve already delegated to PHRCK, just submit your wallet address on this page. If you’ll be drawn as one of the raffle winners, your prize will be sent to this wallet address you submitted.
  2. To prevent spamming, only wallets with a minimum active stake of ₳1,000 delegated to PHRCK for the subject 6-epoch period will be included in the raffle entries for that period.
  3. Lastly, the winning wallets will also need to be still delegated to PHRCK at the time of the actual raffle draw.

Validation of these qualifications is done automatically. Winner(s) of each draw will be announced on a blog post here on the site and on our social media pages. First draw will be done on Dec 2, 2020!

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