This month is our anniversary month here at PHRCK and as mentioned in my previous post, we have something special for all our delegators who contributed to the pool during our first year.

In case you missed the discussions, we are talking about 3D coin NFTs! 🤘


So, we have just finished preparing the 3D coin models that will be minted as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. This is a series of 2,000 unique 3D coins, each bearing its own serial number. And these will be allocated to each qualified delegator:

  • 0001 to 0249 are gold coins (249 unique pieces)
  • 0250 to 0524 are silver coins (275 unique pieces)
  • 0525 to 2000 are copper coins (1,476 unique pieces)

You can now interactively preview these 3D coins at:

Special series and reserved serial numbers

Among these 2,000 coins, there is a special series of 21 coins bearing the serial numbers that include the number “69” in them! Oh yes, these are special because they contain our community’s lucky number! 😉

The coins in this special series are in gold and these are reserved (not allocated to any delegator yet). We might be giving them away as prizes or will put them up for sale.

There’s also a portion of the golden series — 0096 to 0249 (154 pieces) — which is reserved. These are not allocated to any delegator yet and will be available for sale. (We will publish the pricing details later.)

The serial numbers 0001 to 0003 are allocated to the pool owners.

Qualification Mechanics

Since this is our way of recognizing and appreciating the support from our delegators during our first year, all of the delegators who meet the following criteria have been allocated a unique coin from this series.

  1. With active stake of at least 10₳ as of epoch 284.
  2. With live stake of also at least 10₳ as of epoch 284

That’s just it. If you’re still a delegator and you’ve had a total active stake of 10₳ with PHRCK by epoch 284, you have an allocation from this series!

For the newcomers, the term “active stake” means the delegated stake that has already been counted in the Cardano protocol’s process of electing stake pools to produce blocks in an epoch. Here in Cardano, our stake/delegation becomes “active” only after 2 epochs have passed. Right after we submit a “delegate” transaction to the blockchain, our stake is considered already “live” but not yet active. (more on that here)

NFT Allocation Methodology

To fairly quantify the contribution of each delegator, we have used cumulative stake as the basis for ranking. Basically, the delegator account with the highest cumulative stake is allocated the lowest available serial number. The next highest delegator, gets the next serial number and so on.

This “cumulative stake” is simply the total of all the active stake per epoch of a delegator. For example, an account might have active stakes for each epoch like the following:

epoch 213: 1,000 ₳
epoch 214: 1,000 ₳
epoch 215: 1,010 ₳
epoch 216: 1,020 ₳
Total: 4,030 ₳

A list of all the qualified delegators, with their corresponding cumulative stake and serial number allocations will be published in the next 2 days. So just stay tuned! 😊

UPDATE: You can now check the list of qualified delegators who got an allocation:

How to Claim Your Allocation

Just like our RNR rewards, an address will be provided where you can send 2₳ to claim your NFT. A small portion of this will be used as the usual blockchain transaction fee for minting the NFT and the rest will be sent back to you along with the NFT.

This post will be updated once our backend system for this is all set up and ready to accept your claims. It will be before Aug 31, 2021 ends

UPDATE: You can now start claiming your NFT allocations! 🎊

You only have to send 2 ADA to the following designated address:


An app in the backend monitors this address and checks the senders for each transaction received. If the sender is one of those who got an allocation from this series, the allocated NFT will be minted and sent to the sender within 5 minutes.

The NFT will be sent back to you along with about 1.79₳. (The ~0.21₳ will have been used for the trx fee.) The transaction — in Yoroi, for example — will look like the following:


In case you do not receive back your NFT after 5 minutes have passed, let us know on Telegram at: @phrck so we can check asap.

Important Notes:

  • Send 2₳ only from the wallet account that has an allocation. If you send from a wallet that doesn’t have an allocation, no NFT will be sent back to you. Your 2₳ will also not be sent back by our bot.

  • Be sure to first check if you have an allocation before sending your 2₳. You can check at the following page:

  • Also do not repeatedly send 2₳ from the same wallet account. Your allocated NFT will only be minted once and sent to you only once also. Any repeated claims (i.e. succeeding 2₳ transactions sent), will be ignored by our minter bot.

  • Any amounts received by this address that are not actionable by our minter bot will not be returned and will just be considered “donations”.