Exactly 1 year ago from today was the day Staking Rocks! [PHRCK] stake pool was registered on the Cardano blockchain.

We’ve come a long way since then. And we are still very excited about the things to come!

We not only participated in the minting of new blocks in the Cardano blockchain, we have also actively participated in the community discussions, built tools and helped educate the newcomers to our ecosystem.

But it wasn’t all just smooth sailing. It also got hard sometimes, of course… but the continued support of our sub-community of delegators kept us going!

We even have delegators who are still with us up to today, and they have been with us since day 1!

To celebrate our pool’s anniversary and as appreciation for our delegators, we are preparing something special for you this month.

PHRCK Souvenir Coins

In one of our Telegram group discussions, we talked about having physical coins minted as souvenir items. And we actually already have a design for it.


We just haven’t yet found an ideal provider who can mint the coins according to our specifications. Then there’s also the problem of logistics for actually delivering these physical coins to their recipients. This whole pandemic situation just isn’t helping.

Rather than pursuing the minting of physical coins, we will now instead mint them as 3D NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Each of these coins will be a unique 3D object with its own distinct serial number. There will also be a different series (gold, silver, and copper) for different levels of our delegators which will depend on the size of their stake delegated to the pool and the number of epochs they have been active with the pool.

This way, every delegator will get a token of appreciation while special recognition can also be accorded to our larger delegators whose stake have been significant in sustaining our pool’s operations.

Every delegator who’s still active when the 3D models for these coins will be ready for minting, will get one! (Automated minting upon claiming should be ready before end of August.)

More details on the actual mechanics will follow in the next few days.