Below is a complete and detailed guide - recorded in Filipino/Tagalog - on how to buy $ADA coins using Philippine Pesos in Binance crypto exchange. Apart from practical instructions, it also contains tips and commentaries for first-timers and total newbies!

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Stake pool details

The following are our stake pool details that you’ll be needing if you’d like to stake with us:

Ticker Code


Pool ID


ADA Giveaway!

We will be giving away ₳10 each to 100 people when we reach our first 100 subscribers on our Youtube channel. Here’s what you need to do to get yours:

  1. Like the above video on Youtube and subscribe to our channel.
  2. Post a comment on that video and include your ADA wallet address, or PM it to the pool operator at if you’d like more privacy of your wallet.
  3. If you haven’t yet, delegate at least ₳2,000 to our stake pool - PHRCK.

To be included in the giveaway:

  • Receiving wallet must still be delegated when the giveaways are distributed.
  • A minimum stake of ₳2,000 must be delegated (this is to minimize spam).
  • Youtube user account should also remain subscribed at the time of distribution.
  • First 100 comments with their wallet address will get ₳10 each.