In this video, let’s take a close and detailed look at how to stake ADA coins from the Daedalus wallet.

Daedalus is the only wallet for the Cardano blockchain network that is developed by IOHK, the same developers of Cardano themselves. This makes Daedalus kind of like the official wallet for ADA coins… 😊

One thing to note about Daedalus is that it’s a full wallet. This means that it keeps a copy of the entire blockchain in your device. As of the time of recording this video, the entire blockchain is a bit more than 4GB in size. Depending on a person’s considerations, this can be ideal or not so much.

If you’d like to use a light wallet instead, you can check out our video guides for Yoroi mobile wallet and for the Yoroi Chrome extension.

Stake pool details

The following are our stake pool details that you’ll be needing if you’d like to stake with us:

Ticker Code


Pool ID