On February 14, 2021, Trader’s Apprentice Pilipinas (TAP) is having another Crypto and Stocks Overview webinar by Mr. Tony Herbosa.

I have been invited to deliver a portion of this webinar - about staking in Cardano and I’m looking forward to sharing the Cardano opportunity to more people during this event.

TH’s content are always packed with actionable info that come from his years of experience trading the markets successfully. So, every event like this is an opportunity to learn from the maestro important concepts in trading and investing that will surely help newcomers into the investing space.

To encourage more newcomers to attend, I’m giving away a total of ₳1,000 to the attendees of this event who will also actually take action and start staking in Cardano.

Existing delegators of our stake pool are of course, also welcome and qualified to get a share of these giveaways when they attend the webinar.


  1. Must attend the webinar
  2. Must have at least ₳150 staked with PHRCK stake pool
  3. Must have active stake for at least 6 epochs (an epoch is a 5-day period in Cardano terminology)

For existing delegators to our stake pool who already have 6 epochs of active staking behind them, you will get your prize right away.

For new delegators and those who haven’t reached 6 epochs of active delegation yet, your prize will already be allocated to you but will automatically be released after you have completed the required 6 epochs.

We have these conditions because I’d like you guys to actually experience the staking rewards here in Cardano. This is the passive income everyone is talking about, which is in addition to the capital gains we stand to make.

During these 6 epochs - which is equal to 1 month - you will be receiving your staking rewards from the Cardano blockchain protocol. My giveaway here is just an additional incentive! 😃

Prize amount for each person and how to claim

During the webinar, the form will be available for claiming your share of these giveaways. The form will be open for submissions until the next day - Feb 15, 2021 at 7PM PH time.

Look out for a QR code or plain URL that I will show on screen during my talk. That will be the page where you can submit your wallet address.

After such period, the ₳1,000 will be equally divided among all the entries submitted.

As mentioned above, those who already have 6 epochs of active staking behind them, will get their share right away. And those who just got started, will get theirs when they have already completed 6 epochs of staking.

All checks will be done automatically.

How to register for the webinar

Contact the organizer at [email protected] or at 0917 3266 493 to reserve your slot.

How to start staking now

For video guides on how to start staking now, ahead of the webinar, you can visit this page: How to Stake

There are multiple self-custody wallets that we can use for staking in Cardano. Just choose one that’s convenient for you. For more info materials, you can check out our blog also.